Common Misconception: Foggy or Cloudy weather prevent the solar panels from functioning.

Truth: The UV light from the sunrays is what the solar panels use to generate electricity. This means that they only require daylight, not direct sunlight. And this is proved by Germany, the solar capital in the world which is overcast for majority of the year.

Common Misconception: The roof needs to only be facing South.

Truth: If your roof is facing south, it will have the best efficiency but that in no way is a must have. No matter the direction of your roof, our systems are built to maximize efficiency of your home.

Common Misconception: Solar energy isn’t affordable

Truth:Solar energy is actually very affordable and with the government incentives and financing options, it has never been easier than now to get solar power in your home!.

Common Misconception: It can be damaged easily and requires a lot of maintenance.

Truth:The only requirements that solar panels have is that nothing should block their way from getting the UV rays. Besides that, they are very easy to maintain and our 25 year warranty guarantees that if somehow they were to get damaged, we’ve got you covered.